Sunday, 30 November 2008

WIP: Mojo Socks

It's high time I got back to socks again! I've been wanting to knit some more for quite some time now, but there were a few other projects I had to finish first. So now I finally found a good use for my last two skeins of beautiful Koigu. Since intricate patterns don't work with this particular colourway, my only choice was a cable pattern or Mojo, really. Luckily I've had an eye on the Mojo pattern for a while and cast on the first sock last night.

It's a really easy pattern, so I don't expect complications of any kind. I made minor alterations to the toe (I prefer to make my on custom type) and I haven't turned the sock inside out while knitting as decribed. At this point I am not sure why that's required anyway - maybe I will find out by the time I get to the heel. Even though I usually make my own custom heel, I intend to give the described one a try. If it doesn't work, I can always unravel it and go back to my own kind again.

I've really missed knitting socks! They are my favourite type of knitting, to be honest. I am looking forward to getting on with these and having some more pictures to show later.

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  1. The yarn that you use looks so soft! Love the earth tone color scheme too!