Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Swallowtail (Unblocked)

It's done! In another one of my sleepless nights I managed to finish the last few rows of the shawl and the elastic BO (have to remember this one for future socks). I still have to find a way to block it properly though. I've added transparent glass beads with a pink core to the scalloped edge and I like the look of it. Only one of my mistakes is visible, but since it is symmetric, one might think that's how it ought to be. I wish it had worked out better and according to pattern, but that can't be helped now and I am certainly not going back to those rows to correct errors! This took long enough already and nobody is going to see them anyway.

Luckily, I had just enough beads left for the edge - I really wasn't sure at first. I am glad I finally found some use for them because I tend not to need such small beads for anything else. Swallowtail is the first project I've knitted with beads and I must say that it was interesting and not at all tiring even though I had to insert the beads separately for each stitch instead of having threaded them onto the yarn before starting the shawl. This way, however, I think it looks even better than it would have any other way.

I am hoping that the shawl will stretch quite a bit while blocking because it is a bit too small for my liking. I am very happy about not having knitted it with only the required 14 pattern repeats of the budding lace because that would have made it much smaller. As it is, I have a total of 24 repeats while knitting everything else according to pattern, disregarding a few improvisations required in the lily-of-the-valley repeats due to the unusual stitch count.

All in all I am glad this is over because it took me quite some time to finish without being difficult. I like the result, on the whole, but I long to do something else again, something quicker. Soon I will be able to start a Secret Santa knit, I think, and then there are an unfinished pair of socks and a number of left-over yarn that need to be dealt with. For instance, I'm thinking of making my first pair of gloves with fingers - oo the challenge! I think my purple Koigu yarn will do nicely.

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  1. Great choice of colour! It is wonderful and the beads match beautifully. Congrats! :)