Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mr Jones in November

It was that time of the month again when I arm myself with knitting needles, yarn and a pillow and head towards Giessen- at the end of November a group of knitters and crafters got together to enjoy a long afternoon at Mr Jones. As usual there was a lot of gossip, knitting, quick lessons, and good drinks and food. Since the days are shorter now and night comes early, it was a bit more difficult to knit in the half dark of the bar, but it was as good a day as always.
Normally, I happen to be one of the very early arrivals, but this time I came an hour late and was surprised by a big hello I hadn't expected at all. The pictures above were taken by Nina and Friederike within the first few minutes of my arrival. I was wearing some of my latest finished projects and they had to be shown, of course. (This is also the first time I have seen myself wearing my Swallowtail and the reknit hat. )

Unlike at most meetings I had enough money on me for a change to not to have to worry about what I would have to eat and drink. I see it as my duty to sample the Mr Jones menu before Mark's next visit. My photos of their food has made him want to go try it himself one day, so I am just ordering things for research purposes, you see. Yeah, that's it. Research.

Both Mark and I liked the sound of the Mr Jones burger, but I ordered it without chips. It was okay, but nothing special, and it could have done with some more cheese and sauce, to be honest. Still, it had two slices of meat in it, which was very welcome, as I hadn't eaten anything all day. I was mainly impressed by the triangular plate it was served on. The Bailey's shake I had with it, however, was as great as it was last time, so no complaints there.

The greatest culinary disappointment was the New York cheesecake, I'm afraid. Mark and I both love cheesecake, so it was clear I'd have to try it. Unforunately, it was very cold and extremely dry. It had no particular flavour at all and even the very generous amount of cream was bland despite the sprinkling of cinnamon. The strawberry purée looked gross and like something you don't want to think about any further, but it tasted okay of... well, fresh strawberries. All in all it lacked the creaminess and sweetness cheesecake ought to have. The best I ever had was in Bath. Why the kitchen staff stuck the fork smack in the middle of the cake is a mystery to me. I picture deadly fights in the kitchen with flying cutlery whenever I look at it.

But back to the actual knitting: as always, some of us were able to get tips on how to improve our knitting, there was a lot of pleasant gossiping, and we learned more about each other. I am very happy I came across this knitting group because it has always been a good chance to spend part of the day with pleasant people doing what we like to do in company instead of alone. At the same time we could see the latest knitted and crocheted items, some of them worn by the crafters themselves, get jealous of there skill, and be motivated to try some of it ourselves.

Since our next meeting would be on Christmas Eve, we've decided not to meet in December, which is a shame. Still, seeing how busy that month usually is, it makes perfect sense. I am looking forward to the next time in January and hope to see everyone again.

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  1. Der Käsekuchen schmeckt mit der Soße ganz gut, dann ist er nicht so trocken. Gerade die Soße fand ich gut. Das Mittagessen kann ich aber auch nicht so empfehlen, deswegen nehme ich da nur noch Kuchen und Crêpes zu mir. ;)