Saturday, 15 November 2008

Glove Love

My first glove with fingers is finished and it fits, well, like a glove, actually. I've still got lots of yarn left from the first skein, to my surprise. I'd like to experiment some more with different ways of knitting gloves because these here were improvised completely.

  • 2.5 mm DPNs
  • 2 skeins Koigu KPPPM
  • tapestry needle
  • row counter
  • Twisted German CO 60 sts
  • 30 rows rib

Example (right glove):
  • k3 p1 cable (with 3 sts) p1 k all. M1 for gusset (use cable needle on every 5th row)
  • increase gusset till 21 sts (row 21)
  • k 15 more rows without increases
  • set aside gusset stitches and continue knitting in the round
  • on row 11 knit smallest finger (use 15 sts and CO 8 extra)
  • pick up 5 sts from finger and knit 3 rounds
  • similarly, knit all remaining fingers with 23 sts total

I began at the cuff, trying out the Twisted German Cast-On, and I must say that it is the best cast-on I know. It looks very neat and is stretchy. The rib-section was worked over 30 rows before I began the hand section (mainly knit in twisted k-stitches) with the thumb gusset increases and cable section. I increased the gusset till I had 21 stitches, then put it on a spare thread and continued working the hand in the round.

After passing the knuckles I began working the fingers over 23 stitches (some had to be picked up, of course, otherwise the fingers would have been too tight). I began with the pinkie, then knit two more rows in the round before moving on to the other fingers (of course I forgot to continue the cable pattern over the index finger the first time...). Generally, I knit this glove so as to fit my hand in particular so this may not work for everyone and I am not giving a detailed pattern.

The final bit was going back to the thumb gusset and picking up the stitches from the spare thread. Again, I used 23 stitches, picking up two between thumb and hand. It is a quick knit, though it can be annoying to knit the fingers. My preferred method is to do them in the round over two DPNs. I had to try the glove on several times in order to make sure it fit just right, so this is not the sort of thing I'd knit for someone else unless they were on hand for fitting sessions every few minutes.

Now I've still got to make the second glove. I am looking forward to the cast-on, which has never happened before! That Twisted German one is just too good.


  1. Toll toll toll

  2. Echt schön! Und wieder "meine" Farbe ... ;)

  3. Hey, die sehen ja klasse aus - Kompliment !


  4. Okay, i'll just echo what everyone seems to be saying in German. Nadia, you're really quite good at this. I am impressed with the patience it must take to produce such quality work.

    Have you disabled the element that allows for people to "follow" your blog, or am I just not correctly figuring out how it is done?