Saturday, 18 October 2008

WIP: Prismatic

Yes, oh yes, oh yes! Finally, I have something new to add to my blog! I was missing the updates. As it happens, this wasn't even a planned project, but rather the result of a spontaneous and predictably perilous dip into the local yarn shop. Oy.

There, I found some of that wonderfully cuddly merino yarn and this time I couldn't resist and bought three skeins of it, enough for a scarf for Mark. Now, I didn't mean to make yet another one, especially since he only got one from me for Christmas last year. Still, it always bothered me that that scarf was rather hard because it is made of cotton. Merino is much softer and certainly warmer too. So I simply bought the yarn and thought, what the heck.

Until then I didn't even know exactly what I was going to do with it and what kind of a pattern I might use. It's not like I have a stash of patterns for manly scarves, you know. My usual lacy stuff won't be quite to Mark's liking, I'm afraid. A quick search on Ravelry brought me to Prismatic, a beautiful though very simple pattern. I love it already and am enjoying knitting it immensely.

I particularly love the regularity of the design. It actually consists exclusively of knit, purled and slipped stitches. The horizontal stitches in the photo above are slipped stitches, the ones that fascinate me the most in this scarf. As usual, the pictures do not do justice to the real colour. It is a nice blue that I will try to catch in future photos.

Besides the yarn, I also finally bought some row counters! They will be useful for any larger projects in the future (keeping count of Swallowtail is a lot of hard work!). I think I might look for those counters that you simply press to increase the count. They seem easier to handle than mine that you need to twist all the time. Mine are similar to this one.

So when I am not working, I am knitting this beautiful scarf, maltreating the row counter, and making sure I have sustenance to see it all through.

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  1. Mmmmh! Dark Chocolate! So yummy!!! :)
    And the scarf looks yummy, too. I am a big fan of merino as well.
    I will have to show the new wool I bought yesterday for a sweater in my blog soon ... *blush* And the scarf I am knitting for my husband.
    Keep on having fun knitting this beautiful scarf pattern!