Friday, 31 October 2008

Update: Prismatic and Swallowtail

Now that the Prismatic Scarf is done, I have gone back to my Swallowtail Shawl again. Before I knew that merino shouldn't be washed, but only aired, I had already soaked my Prismatic. It turned out to be much narrower than it was so I bocked it too, which has left it with a very wavy edge. I am not happy with it and am trying to stretch it once in a while. Perhaps I will have to soak the edges again to smooth them.

After the scarf, I wanted to use up the rest of my Sirdar Blur yarn. Originally, I planned to make the Ice Queen cowl with beads, but it turned out that I need more yarn for it than I thought. So I undid it and tried again with some lace yarn. Once I discovered I had twisted the whole thing while knitting in the round, I gave up. One day I would like to try again, but for the moment I have had enough.

So it is back to Swallowtail! I also ran out of yarn here, shortly before the end. I just had two more edge lace charts to go, but it was clear I didn't have enough yarn for it. Luckily, I used a lifeline for once and undid 20 cm of knitting... That means I have only 10 extra repeats of the budding lace pattern rather than doubling it. I am having some difficulty with the lilly of the valley pattern now since there aren't as many stitches as necessary for an even knit. That's a bit frustrating and I am improvising now and hope it will look okay once it is finished. Since the rows are shorter than last time, it is all going a bit faster and is much pleasanter too.

I hope to finish the shawl soon so I can take more photos on which it doesn't just look like a scrunched up bundle of knitting. Still, I have no idea how or where to block it once I am done!

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  1. Hellllo
    Congratulations on your Doctoral degree, was passing through your blog, you can obviously nit well, wish i had that talent, love the cute bear!!!

    all the best