Thursday, 23 October 2008

Teddy's Need Gifts Too

It's true. Since I met Mark, I have been liking teddies even more than before. In fact, I have just sent him one of mine to take care of till I can move in too. In that same package, I sent a few little extras for his oldest teddy and the new Percy because their owner keeps getting surprise packages and they don't. I considered that, since Percy already has a big backpack, Teddy deserved his own little bag - from lovely Koigu yarn, no less! - and I even added a little book: A Tale of Two Teddies, by Dickens, of course. I knew he wanted to read it. As promised, Mark documented the event.

Teddy's gift came wrapped and tied with a ribbon. It even had a tiny name tag so he would know it was for him. As you can see, he was quite excited about it.

It looks like he took his time opening the gift and I bet he really enjoyed unwrapping it. I don't think he usually gets to do that.

Then, finally, the big moment! The bag! And the book, which he really hadn't expected. Piggy in the background is looking quite envious, don't you think? The bag really suits Teddy and I am sure he will enjoy it. At last he has a place to keep his odds and ends.

Percy, too, received a mysterious gift with his name on it. Since he already has a bag, I wondered what he might need. He is a sailor, you see, so I assumed something to keep him warm would be the right thing.

And I was right! He liked his blue scarf and put it on right away. It consists of simple cables in blue yarn. I had to guess the length, but it is evidently just right. I have no idea what else he keeps in his backpack, but now he will have a scarf to store in there during the warm days too.


  1. Liebe Nadia. Da hast Du aber eine gute Idee gehabt.
    Den armen Teddys hat bestimmt das Herz geblutet.Schön sind Deine Sachen geworden
    Einen schönen Tag Friederike

  2. Hi, hi! Drollig! Ich find den Seemann stark. Der braucht auch noch ne Mütze, find ich ...