Saturday, 27 September 2008

WIP: Swallowtail

I assume that my current project is going to take some time. I've wanted to knit Swallowtail ever since I saw it on Ravelry some months ago. Now I finally have the chance and the right yarn for it, so I cast on the first stitches last night. Since I am planning to make it quite a bit bigger than required in the original pattern (by adding either 10 or 14 additional repeats), I am not sure exactly how long I will have to wait till it is finished. In any case, I am very impatient because I love this shawl already!

At first, I wasn't sure exactly what I was doing as I followed the instructions. I had assumed that I wold start at the very tip of the shawl and work my way up to the broader sections. That, however, isn't the case here, as I realised after some frantic minutes of reading and comparing. Now that I know what I am doing, it is going very well. Occasionally, I seem to have more stitches than I should, and I am not entirely sure why that is. Still, so far it hasn't caused any problems and I have been able to fix the mistake.

In the current unblocked state it is hard to see what Swallowtail is going to look like in the end, of course. The pictures don't do it justice as yet either, but the final result should be very pretty. The yarn's colour as shown in the pictures isn't quite accurate. It resembles the yarn I used for Marie-Noelle and is actually the same 3-ply merino wool ordered from the Hamburger Wollfabrik, but it is in fact a deep purple or plum colour. I will make sure to take more accurate photos later on. What I like best about the yarn is that it is so light and soft that the work hardly weighs anything as I knit.

As long as I count my repeats correctly and stop finding more stitches than there should be, this project should go very well.

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  1. Long projects will pay out in the end! You will be so proud when you have finished it. However: Eigentlich ist doch der Weg das Ziel. ;)