Thursday, 25 September 2008

Calling on Mr Jones Again

It was that time of the month again: a group of knit- and crochet-crazy women meet up in a bar to do what must be a very strange site in a place as hip as Mr Jones. Yes, our group Kreative Mittelhessen got together again in the afternoon to work on those WIPs and have a good chat. And, of course, stealthy me was able to sneak a few photos as usual when no one was looking.

This time, there were far more knitters than the last two times I came. Some were new to the meetings, so we met a few new faces as well as some familiar ones. Due to some difficulties with the trains (surprise, surprise) Nina was unable to join us this time and we did feel that something was missing. Some of us had trouble remembering everybody's names, which is quite difficult for people like me who have a sieve for brains at such moments. Luckily, I wasn't the only one! In the end, given our number, we had to add two more tables to the ones we had already booked, so that we had a long row that reached from on side of the bar almost to the kitchen door. Very convenient, I thought, as they could simply pass the food on to us that way.

Speaking of which, I was finally finally finally able to sample the food! With my ginger ale I had the turkey stripes with potato wedges, salad, and two dips. It was a little dry, but I was starving and the food was good. I shall have to try some other things from the menu in the future to compare. It wasn't quite as good as I had expected, but it was nicely filling anyway.

As is usually the case at out meetings, there were more books to look at, interesting patterns to share, and we could provide help to those who needed any. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to help Friederike with her crochet pattern as I am not familiar with the terminology there. Eventually, she went back to knitting socks with the most beautiful blue yarn I have ever seen. I need to know what it's called and where I can get it! Usually, I don't like variegated yarns, but this one looked just right.

I received a lot of praise for the pair of Marie-Noelle I've been making for my friend's birthday. I wish I had counted how many hours I spent knitting them because I really can't tell. I was told not to sell them under € 30 if I wanted to sell them. That seems like a lot to me, but they are a lovely pair, of course. I should really try and sell some of my knitting one day.

Belinda brought her Secret of Bad Nauheim shawl along, which, as it turns out, was made from the same yarn I used for socks last year. The shawl pattern is one I have seen on Ravelry before and thought very pretty. Unfortunately, it isn't a free pattern, so I haven't added it to my favourites yet. Seeing Belinda's work made me look forward to my planned Swallowtail too. That is a project I had had my eye on for some time and finally I have enough yarn for it.

Since we met at 2 PM this month, I had to stay quite long till my train left. Nadine and I were the last ones and ended the evening with some milkshakes. On that occasion I realised that the chocolate milkshake I raved about after my first meeting was actually an iced chocolate and not a milkshake at all! So yesterday's chocolate milkshake was quite a disappointment. However, Nadine's was made of real strawberries and looked at least as good as it must have tasted.

The rest of the evening consisted of 4 hours of waiting at two stations and I found it harder to bear than last time. I assume that it is easier for me when we meet later in the afternoon. I shall have to see what it's like next month. As usual, I am looking forward to seeing everyone again and talking knitting and more.

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  1. Toller Bericht. Wie immer! Danke. :) Beim nächsten Mal kann ich hoffentlich auch wieder kommen, falls es nicht wieder technische Probleme bei den Gleisen der Bahn gibt. ;) Oh mann, was Du alles auf Dich nimmst. Mir war dann die einstündige Anreise per Bus, die ich hätte unternehmen können, echt zu viel. ;) Ich bin faul ...