Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Autumnal Pillow Case

Last Christmas I gave my grandma a voucher so she could ask for a knitted item of her choice for me to make. I was hoping she would give me a challenge while she, on the other hand, wanted to make it easy for me. So she asled for a plain pillow case. *sigh*

She got the idea because I had mentioned a skein of novelty yarn I had bought in autumnal colours. Orignally, I had wanted to use it for one of my first hats as a trim. It turned out awful, so I frogged it and had had the odd yarn for ages since then. My grandmother thought it would look lovely as a pillow case.

  • 3.5 mm circs
  • 1 skein Fabiani Samba Meliert
  • 2 skeins Schachenmayr nomotta Brazilia
  • tapestry needle
After a few initial attempts to get the right gauge - I forgot how many stitches I cast on -, I realised that one skein, of course, would never suffice. It took a long time for me to buy two more skeins because the original colour was no longer available. I had to settle for a dark red/black combo and decided to knit a stripy item. It was easy enough and was such a boring knit that it again too ages till I got it done. I left it for another half a month till I decided I should really get down to weaving in the ends and such.

And today I finally did it - it's done! It looks okay and feels very nice. The sizing isn't quite as I had hoped and I have no idea if an ordinary 40 x 40 cm pillow willl fit well. Luckily, the pillow case is very stretchy.Instead of sewing in a zipper or using buttons, I sewed the bottom closed except for a small opening to slip the pillow in. Later today, I will bring it to my grandmother and we can check the fit.

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