Friday, 29 August 2008

Stitchmarker Obsession Strikes Again

Well, it couldn't be helped. I have no idea when or if I will ever get to use all my stitchmarkers, but I simply had to make some more. I have so many beads that I have no other use for anyway, so it was the most productive thing to do.

I shall describe the markers from top left to bottom right (click image for bigger version):

  1. A pink and gold glass bead from Beadies, daisy-shaped metal spacers, garnet.
  2. Green and white glass bead from Beadies, smaller green glass bead rescued from another necklace, metal spacer.
  3. Yellow and white glass bead from Beadies, small coloured plastic beads and metal spacers.
  4. A new box for storage. It used to hold Japanese sweets and is made of cardboard and origami paper.
  1. These feathered markers are probably my favourite ones f all new ones pictured here. I tied three feathers together with nylon string, threaded two pink glass beads from Beadies onto it. It was as simple as that and looks stunning. Can't wait to use them!
  2. The blue-green-golden beads are, again, from Beadies, but the smaller blue plastic beads are taken from old bracelets. They are separated with metal spacers again.
  3. The coloured pink bead (yes, you guessed where they are from) are complemented by semiprecious lapislazuli and a spacer each.
  4. I love how the bottom of the storage box unfolds into a flat square when pressed down. It's very clever and offers enough space fo all my markers.


  1. The feather ones are really great. And I also like the blue ones very much. You should try to sell them if you have no use for them. ;) Oh, I am too lazy to make stitch markers but I should make some more for me ...

  2. Selling them is a good idea, actually. How much would you say I should charge for one? And where would I be able to sell them?