Thursday, 28 August 2008

Mr Jones Revisited

Once again, as every last Wednesday of the month, our knitting group "Kreative Mittelhessen" met at Mr Jones' in Giessen for some chat, knitting, crocheting and a good time. We were fewer than last time, but some new people joined who will return for more meetings, we hope. It was easier to talk to everyone since there weren't too many of us this time around and you didn't have to strain to hear what someone at the other end of the table was saying. The many buses stopping nearby, however, added a lot to the noise, but it died down towards evening, luckily.

As usual, Nadine booked two tables for us and I was the first to arrive. Since my train reaches Giessen half an hour early, I spent the time perusing the shelves of the bookshop only to regret I didn't have enough cash on me to buy anything. As always, there were quite a few English books I would have liked to have. I comforted myself with the thought that I still have far too many unread books waiting for me at home, including my favourite author Ondaatje's latest novel Divisadero that I wanted so badly.

Since the chair was terribly uncomfortable last time, I remembered to take a pillow with me to sit on. That made a world of a difference! It still wasn't perfect, but much more bearable than last month. Anyway, once I was (semi-)comfortably seated, I just had to have another one of Mr Jones' milkshakes. I discovered that they have a Bailey's shake! I hadn't had Bailey's in ages and since Mark and I recently spoke about it my choice for the day was clear.

I must say it was delicious! Nothing can possibly top the chocolate shake from last month, though, I am sure. I will have to try some more from their selection to be sure, just for completeness, you understand. I've got an eye on the coconut shake now, and perhaps the raspberry one too. And, of course, I need to make sure that chocolate still maintains its high quality and will have to give it a try again. The lengths I go to to ascertain the menu's quality!

Again, I didn't eat at Mr Jones', but that may have been for the better, really. I don't want to knit with sticky fingers if possible. Still, sometime i shall have to give the food a try because it looks absolutely gorgeous. Remind me to take more money with me next time. But enough talk of food and drink! Back to knitting.

This time I remembered to take all I needed with me. The four hours I was there I knitted my grandmother's pillowcase in the round. Since it is a simple, boring knit (all k-rows), I was able to do it without needing to be too attentive. That was it didn't interfere with the chat, which was nice. We admired each other's work and choice of yarn. Some knitting books were handed around and probably sparked off an idea or two. Tanja, one of the n00bs, suggested how I could finish the pillowcase, a problem I hadn't yet solved to my satisfaction. I will definitely take up her idea.

Nina brought me the crimps I need for new stitchmarkers, so I am really excited about starting to make some more tomorrow. I already have more than I will ever use on an item, but I have so many more pearls that I need to do something with them. Anyway, stitchmarkers are pretty and I am all for shiny little things.

We have decided on regular meetings so that we can all plan ahead, which will make getting together much easier than before. I hope lots of people keep coming and contribute to the relaxed and chatty atmosphere we experienced today, on another very warm and sunny late-summer day.

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  1. Bailey's Shake? Den brauche ich beim nächsten Mal. :) Werde Deinen Bericht gleich in meinem Blog verlinken.