Monday, 7 July 2008

WIP: Susurra Continued

After finishing the top part of the babydoll and I was able to try it on properly, I found that I should have made it an inch or two longer. That bothered me because it meant having to start all over again - my first idea to pick up the stitches at the bottom to simply make it all longer for a few rounds didn't work so well, so I didn't really have much choice. I left the project for a while because it was quite frustrating. In the end I did start over because the two different shades of black also bothered me a lot and it was a chance to get it all right in one go. So here I am, starting over. I am now going to knit 6" before starting the cups. I just hope this bit gets done quickly because I want to get on with it now and begin the lower section.

I have kept the old top section for now because I have an idea for a sewn dress that I could use it for. However, I can already tell I am running low on yarn so I may need to frog the old top to finish the new one. I'll have to wait and see how it goes.

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