Thursday, 17 July 2008

WIP: Norolim

Finally, I can give the patterns from the Lesley Stanfield’s book a try. Here, I am using pattern number 174 - it doesn't have any particular name. It combines lace and cable, which is fun to knit and will keep me from getting bored. Not sure if I can memorise the pattern from the chart, though. At the moment I have to keep looking at it, but it is getting a little easier. Besides, it's a chance to use my brand new Knit Picks 2mm DPNs from Brislington again!

Having unraveled my Wisp because it was smaller than I wanted it - beautiful though it was -, I decided to use the Kureyon Sock yarn for what it was intended and started yet another pair of socks. The name Norolim seemed appropriate - firstly, it includes the yarn’s name and, secondly, it is the Elvish command “Ride on!” from LOTR. Perhaps it will speed up my walking.

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  1. Lace and cables sounds good. I love textured knitting. And I love LOTR. However, I can't remember any Elvish words ...