Saturday, 26 July 2008

Ready, Steady, Mark Your Stitches!

It was a lovely sunny morning so I decided to take some pictures of items that didn't come out well in early photos. I have updated some entries accordingly to include the new images. And finally I was also able to take pictures of my stitchmarkers! I have a small assortment of them, as you can see. I intend to make some more in the future as soon as I find the right tools. So far it has all been rather improvised, I must admit. Still, the markers do the job.

Some markers I made are missing in the pictures because I gave them away as presents a while ago, but they were similar in style to the pink ones below. They are made of glass beads from, a Dutch site that accepts international orders too. A friend of mine brought me an assortment of pink beads from her holiday in the Netherlands (the only other choice at the time was a turquoise set, which is a colour I am not particularly keen on).

These pink stitchmarkers are all different. I intend to keep future ones fairly simple since the long ones may look nice, but are harder to handle in knitting at times. I especially like the ones that have little bells at the bottom. I like the sound of them while I work. I will have to find out where to get some more of the exact same size.

The set of four green markers were originally a necklace I was given as a Secret Santa gift on TORC. Unfortunately, it didn't fit me, so I decided to take it apart and use the beads for something else. Luckily, the necklace's links were just as you see them below, so I didn't have to do anything other than separate them in order to use them as stitchmarkers.

They have rather small rings and can only be used with needles up to 3mm. The one on the right is even smaller and fits only on 2mm at the moment. I'll have to find another ring for it. I especially like to use these green ones for light-weight projects since the markers don't weigh things down and don't get in the way either. If I want something nice to look at, I choose pink, though.

The last marker I have is a bell from a Lindt chocolate Easter bunny! It was my first marker, just because it was the only thing around when I needed one. I will have to collect them next Easter because they are pretty good.

Once I started making stitchmarkers, I had ot find a place to keep them without losing them in my knitting bag. Luckily, I found two small boxes of incence cones while spring cleaning and threw out the contents I never used anyway. Now I keep my markers in there, and I really like how the scent lingers in the boxes and even spreads to whatever I have in my knitting bag. They are just perfect for such tiny things.

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  1. Wunderschöne Markierer hast Du da, vor allem die malvefarbenen. Und das Osterhasen-Glöckchen ist auch ne super Idee. Die werde ich wohl nächstes Ostern auch behalten und was draus machen. :) Kann mir auch vorstellen, dass lange Markierer unhandlich sind.
    In meinem Blog habe ich Dir auch noch ne Antwort geschrieben. Bis dann!