Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Pearl Shine Scarf

The Pearl Shine scarf was my first ever knitting project, if I remember correctly. I knit it last year in October as a practice piece. The yarn used ot be an awful green colour, but my mother bleached it. You can see the lovely colourful strands among the pearly white, which looks quite lovely.

  • 8mm straight needles
  • 100g unidentified yarn

Being the first project, I didn't yet try any fancy patterns and simply knit each row back and forth the same way. Still, since I used large needles, it looks quite nice and light. I like to wear this scarf in winter in the house when it is too chilly and I can't turn the heating on any higher than it already is. It is also comfortable to wear in bed if need be (though I do wonder how easily one could strangle oneself that way).

1 comment:

  1. Strangle yourself? So, knitted items seem to be dangerous. :)