Saturday, 5 July 2008

An Owl on My Camera

Finally, it is done. I had started this project exactly a month ago, but it hibernated a long time after I realised I had just a few inches too little yarn! While I was working on other things, I found that there is a far easier way of knitting this camera bag than my original idea. Without any qualms, I frogged the whole thing even though it was almost finished and started over. That was a very good idea and I very much like the result. My first attempt had been too tight, so I cast on three more stitches the second time, which made the bag a little too wide, however. But I can live with it. It holds my camera well. I am quite proud of it, actually!

  • 3.5 mm DPNs
  • 3 mm DPNs for the ribbed edge and BO
  • 2.5 mm cable needle
  • scraps of Fabiani Micro-Plus, colourway 174
I cast on 23 stitches and knit the back section first. Having completed that, I began picking up the side stitches of each row while knitting on so as to make the project turn and for the front. Having ascertained where to position the owl pattern, I continued knitting it according to the pattern, ending with the last few plain rows to the top. Once reaching the edge, I knit in k1 p1 ribbing for about four rounds and bound off.

Something this project taught me is to save the owl pattern for potential future use. I have needed it at least four separate times so far and had to rewrite it on each occasion for whatever I was knitting. Now it is saved! Disentangled from the Diagonal Owl Dishcloth pattern, this is it:

foot end

  1. p3, k8, p3
  2. k3, p8, k3
  3. p3, C4B, C4F, p3
  4. k3 p8 k3
  5. p3, k8, p3
  6. k3 p8 k3
  7. p3, k8, p3
  8. k3 p8 k3
  9. p3, k8, p3
  10. k3 p8 k3
  11. p3, C4B, C4F, p3
  12. k3 p8 k3
  13. p3, k1, P2, k2, P2, k1, p3
  14. k3 P1, k2, P2, k2, P1 k3
  15. p3, k8, p3
  16. k3 p8 k3
  17. p3, C4B, C4F, p3
  18. k3 p8 k3


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  1. It looks great. Also thanks for the owl pattern! I might come back to this one ...