Saturday, 19 July 2008


A splash of colour! A big splash. Considering I wasn't very happy with having such very colourful yarn, I am immensely pleased with the results. I really love how the sock looks as a whole and the pattern I chose works nicely with it. As mentioned in my last post, I used one of Lesley Stanfield's cable patterns (174) on the front. On the back, I only knit the diamonds of the same pattern, which I think makes the sock even more interesting. I really enjoy wearing it.

  • 100g Noro Kureyon Sock
  • 2mm DPNs for foot and heel
  • 2.5mm DPNs for first diamond pattern of leg
  • 3mm DPNs for the rest
  • cable needle
  • tapestry needle
CO 60 sts - 62 are good if you want to knit the complete pattern on both sides.

The foot is just a slight bit too long, but on the whole this sock has a better fit than any of the others I have made so far. Even the edge, consisting of k1 p1 ribbing is very stretchy. Even though Noro Kureyon isn't a particularly soft yarn, it wears well once knitted up. I assume it will soften after a wash or two. I will have to look up whether I need to handwash it or can spare myself the trouble by simply putting it in the washing machine. I must remember to only buy superwash next time I look for yarn!

What I like about the pattern is that the combination of cable and lace not only are fun to knit and anything but boring, but that they might shift attention from the sometimes abrupt colour changes to the flow of the pattern. In my opinion, it is more pleasing to the eye, aesthetically.

The next challenge is to knit the second sock in exactly the same way. The colours should match, really. I made sure to stop the first sock just before the purple began so that I can begin the second sock there. I would have liked to make them both longer, but it would not have worked with the colours, unfortunately. Nonetheless, it looks like I will have enough yarn left over for a single sock in the end and will have to think of something to do with it. I have been contemplating knitting with two colours/yarns at once, so maybe I will give that a try. I have not yet given it a try because it seems a little daunting to try and handle more than one ball of yarn at the same time. I have seen so many lovely items made by other knitters in that fashion that I am sure to attempt it at some point myself.

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  1. Au ja! Tolles Muster, gefällt mir sehr! Ganz viel Erfolg für den "Partner" dieser Socke. Das ist sicherlich eine Herausforderung!