Thursday, 31 July 2008

Mr Jones and Me

Today was the first time I joined the local knitting group in a meeting in Giessen. I looked forward to it very much even though I hadn't yet met any of them in person before. We met at Mr Jones, the perfect location as it was right next to the station (visible in the background), which makes travelling a lot easier. I had to go to university first to borrow some more books for the end of my thesis, but then I picked up a friend of mine for the meeting.

It was easy to spot the knitters. The first thing I saw was a ball of orange yarn - a definite sign that I was in the right place. I recognised three knitters from pictures of our Yahoo Group as well as Ravelry, so it wasn't all new faces.

It was an incredibly hot day and even though all the doors and the glass front of the bar were open, it was still quite hot and stifling most of the time. The first thing my friend and I did was order our drinks to come to our senses after having been out in the sun, if only briefly.

Mr Jones has a mouthwatering menu and I am always tempted to order something to eat, but in the end I always get a beverage instead. One day I will have to change that! This thime, however, it was far too hot for food (my friend ordered chili con carne and observed that spicy food on a hot day wasn't such a good idea after all). So while I treated myself to an excellent chocolate milkshake served with a shocking amount of whipped cream, my trousers decided to get stuck to the awful hard wooden chairs so that I expected to leave the meeting with a layer of paint imprinted on my butt. Luckily, that didn't happen. Next time I go I will have to take a pillow with me because I was very unfomortable on that chair. It cut off my blood circulation in my legs so that my ankles swelled up incredibly.
People knit all kind of things. Beadexplorer, true to her name, worked on a small beaded project. I have never seen something like that before and I like the look of it so much that I may well give it a try myself sometime. It looks fairly easy even though threading all the pearls before beginning the actual knitting is probably a pain, especially if you miss a bead or have one too many in places. Others were knitting socks, jumpers or crocheted ornaments. I brought Susurra with me and hoped to get a bit more of it done, but I had to stop after only a few rows because I realised I forgot my essential cable needle. Well, that was a disappointment! I should remember not to pack my bag the morning I leave, but the day before to make sure I have everything. I also forgot a few other things, including my stitchmarkers.

As it should be, I even learned something: I now know that the bits I need to make more stitchmarkers are called crimps (Quetschringe - the name says it all), which will now save me time since I no longer have to describe what I want but can name it properly instead. I still need to buy some and hope to find them somewhere in Giessen at a later point. Also, I watched Beadexplorer knit a sock on two circulars, which I hadn't seen before. I'd like to give it a try, but haven't yet got two circs of the same size to use. I don't mind using DPNs, luckily. Actually, I quite like it, but you never know - I might prefer the circs in the end so I am willing to give it a try.
We haven't made plans for the next meeting yet, but I hope to be able to go if it is in Giessen again. I am certain that this was not my first and final visit.


  1. Oh, freut mich, dass es Dir so gefallen hat und Du das mit den Perlen sogar mal ausprobieren willst. Wenn Du da Hilfe brauchst, sag Bescheid. Zu viele Perlen ist kein Ding, die kannst Du zur Not kaputt machen und dann weiter stricken. Es gibt aber noch ganz viele verschieden Arten mit Perlen zu stricken. Einmal liegen sie auf den Maschen wie bei mir, einmal dazwischen, dann werden sich mit einer Häkelnadel auf die Masche gehoben (das vorherige Auffädeln entfällt) etc. :) Und ob Dir das mit den Rundstricknadeln gefällt, musst Du mir dann auch mal sagen. ;) Ich hoffe, ich komme auch noch heute dazu, einen Eintrag über das Treffen zu schreiben, wird aber wohl nur kurz ... Ich verlinke diesen dann. :)

  2. It was my first time, too, and I also had a good time! That's too funny ... my shirt stuck to the back of the chair and I thought I was the only one having those problems! I also thought I'd have lacquer stuck to my shirt and that it would be ruined. Thankfully, it wasn't! I sat next to your friend in the red hawaiian shirt ... :) I hope we can talk more next time ... I didn't know you spoke such good English! :) But it's good I can practice my German at the meeting. I like that, too! ~Diana

  3. Ja, es war wirklich ein toller Nachmittag, allerdings seh ich schrekclich aus auf dem Bild ;-)

    Freue mich schon auf nächstes Mal,
    liebe Grüße