Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Work In Progress

I think this is the first time I have more than two projects going at the same time. This is probably due to my impatience recently, but I am sure that getting back to work and also having all this new yarn is making it hard for me to stick to one thing alone.

Since I got a new camera I thought I should knit a bag for it from some left-over yarn. To make it a bit more interesting, I chose the cabled owl pattern from some potholders I made earlier. I have a thing for owls, but don't ask me why! Anyway, I had to have it on the bag. It is a very quick knit, but I am so impatient with my knitting at the moment that I couldn't even sit down to finish sewing the sides together yet. That is all that is left to do and I may have to add a strap with which to fasten the flap to keep the bag closed. I don't want to use a button for fear of damaging the camera. So this is project 1.

Project 2 is awful. These Firestarter socks are driving me crazy, letme tell you. Ever since I learned to knit I have been wanting to make these, but the pattern put me off. It sounded terribly difficult on the page, so I waited till now to give it a go. Big mistake. The cable pattern seen below was a problem at first because the English description made it sound far more difficult than it really was. Only with the help of some fellow-knitters did I manage to get it right.

By now I have finished the heel and have to continue with the leg, but I am sick and tired of it. I encountered more problems while trying to join the gusset stitches with the heel. Either I kept making mistakes or the pattern is wrong in places (I suppose it is the former). I don't think I will finish these socks. Instead, I will take some more pictures for a separate entry, frog the sock and use the yarn for something else. This particular colour combo isn't any good for Firestarter anyway because it obscures the pattern too much. Pity.

Project 3 on the other hand is one I had trouble with the first time, but not this time around. While in Bath, I knitted Wisp for Mark's mother with some fuzzy soft Sirdar Blur yarn. I spotted a mistake in the pattern that made the whole thing look more like your ordinary eyelet scarf, unfortunately. This time, however, I was able to knit it properly and I am enjoying it very much. Using Noro Kureyon yarn, I have a shawl that is not too soft, but the fishnet lace keeps it from being too tough. I can't wait to see what it looks like after blocking!

I am not sure if I like the many colours in the scarf, but it does look good. I don't think it is my sort of garment due to the colours, but I want to finish it anyway. If I don't want it, I can always frog it and make socks from the yarn as originally planned. Mind, there is so much of that yarn that I might not even need all of it and might still have enough left for socks. Who knows?

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  1. Have I already mentioned that I am addicted to self-made bags? :P So, I am quite curious to see how the result will look like. I also like cabled motifs. The owl is great. I have also seen some cabled trees. I love trees. Can you recommend a website or something with cabled motifs?
    And if you only move to England (Bath?) by the end of the year or next year, I'm sure that there will be a couple of opportunities to join one of our irregular knitting meetings ...