Saturday, 14 June 2008

Careless Wisp-er

Please excuse the George Michael reference, but it had to be done. Finally, here it is: Wisp! It was my second attempt at it, the first being a shawl for Mark's mother recently. This time it worked much better and I actually got the pattern I wanted it to have. It turned out beautifully and very colourful. The yarn is quite suitable for such a project even though it is certainly heavier than the kind suggested in the original pattern.

  • approx. 50 g Noro Kureyon
  • 5mm straight needles or circulars
  • tapestry needle to weave in ends

Another thing you will need is good weather for blocking, I realised. I went outside to do this since I had no space indoors to stretch out the shawl properly. It was sunny and windy when I pinned it all down; after an hour there came a heavy downpour and I rushed outside to save my knittin, but too late. I was drenched and the Wisp was still moist. Luckily, the blocking had worked and I was able to let the rest dry without needing any further pinning. Needless to mention it didn't rain again for the rest of the day.

Despite following the instructions, I made some alterations of my own: my Wisp has repeats of 10 rows or fishnet lace and 6 k-rows because I wanted more of the lovely fishnet in this shawl. If I were to knit it again (which I hope to do someday with some Rowan Kid Silk Haze), I would even make this bit longer. Because I would rather have a Wisp made from that material, I won't be keeping this one. I plan to frog it (hence the "careless Wisp-er")- though it is hard to, seeing how beautiful it is - and make something else from it. Even though Noro Kureyon is comparatively heavy for this pattern, it works very well and does not weight the item down, in my opinion. It is amazing how pretty something his simple is!

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