Monday, 23 June 2008

Book: The New Knitting Stitch Library

I was in Giessen today, the town where I studied, and had the unfortunately rare opportunity to look around the shops. There was some yarn I had to buy for a lingerie project and I remembered to look into one of the bookshops that, I think, is no good for the usual books - but it has a few handicrafts books that can be quite interesting. I was pretty certain they would have something on knitting and so they did.

There was a collection of Regia socks that weren't too appealing. I decided against buying it because there are so many great patterns online that I won't spend 10 Euros on a book like that, knowing I won't even knit half of those socks because I don't like them. What caught my eye, however, was Lesley Stanfield's The New Knitting Stitch Library right next to it.

Since I like to improvise my own designs for various projects, this seemed the perfect book for me even if it is in German, which means I may not be familiar with all the terms. It contains 300 patterns of various kinds and it was surprisingly cheap too. I am very happy I bought the book and am sure it will come in useful very soon.

There are 8 chapters: a two-page introduction about how the book came about, followed by a list of small images of all patterns contained. Each image is assigned a number that enables you to easily find the instructions you are looking for.

The third chapter explains how to read the diagrammes, and chapter four subsequently lists all abbreviations and symbols. This part is particularly necessary for me as I am not familiar with the German ones at the moment. Then, finally, the last four chapters contain the actual patterns, divided into types: patterns consisting solely of k- and p-stitches; cables; eyelet and nob patterns; patterns with crossing (leaning?) stitches.

In the first of these chapters you have both diagrammes as well as description so you can get used to reading the diagrammes for starters. Later on, only the diagrammes are given, which should not be a problem. The images are fairly large for the most part, allowign you to see the details perfectly. All patterns have been photographed in light beige yarn for clearer view.

So far, this is the best cheap collection of patterns I have come across. 300 patterns are a lot! It is a great reference book if you are looking to create something of your own and need some inspiration.


  • Publisher: Weltbild
  • Year: 2006
  • Format: hardback
  • Pages: 191
  • Language: German
  • ISBN: 3828925421
  • Price. EUR 8.95


  1. Oh, the price is great. Did you buy it at Weltbild in Gießen or at another shop? I have a pattern collection but it is an older one my grandma gave me years ago when I started thinking about starting to knit. ;) I will put this one onto my wishlist. Thanks! :)

  2. Yes, I bought it at Weltbild in Gießen. I don't usually like to go there, but it is a good shop for books on handicrafts. Is there a shop near you?

  3. Yes, there is one in the Forum in Wetzlar. But I don't go downtown often ... ;) Maybe, I will put it onto my christmas wishlist, it's not that urgent currently ...