Friday, 4 April 2008

Tudora, Hurrah!

This is a project I had finished before, but I used the wrong yarn so that it ended up far too small. With the proper materials I tried again and it worked well. There seems to be a minor mistake at the end of the pattern for the buttonhole flap because I didn’t end up with quite the right number of stitches at one point. Still, that is easily adjusted as you work on.

  • about 25 g Fabiani Micro-Plus
  • 4 mm Straight needles or circulars
  • a toggle/button (you might want to wait till the knitting is done before buying this to make sure it fits)
What attracted me to Tudora, apart from easily catching a cold and needing something to warm my neck, is the one long edge that bends forward a little. It gives the whole thing a very elegant look even though I wouldn't describe cable knit items as elegant per se. In this case, however, the cables blend nicely and give the neck warmer stability as well as an interesting, not too complicated look. I wonder if there may be a better way to do the buttonhole flap because I don't like the look of it. Maybe it's possible to add two or three more k4 p2 to replace it, adding only two or three rows of the flap for the buttonhole? For a change I decided to stick to the pattern, though, so someone else will have to give it a try or I could try it next time I plan to make this item again.

This item is a very quick knit and can be done in a day. I'm not sure if I really have the right kind of neck for it, but the Tudora certainly keeps it warm and is an item not everybody has.

Oh, and I love toggles!

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