Thursday, 3 April 2008

I'm All Ears

Once I taught myself to knit in October 2007, I quickly got tired of simply practicing at random and decided I needed a proper project. Not being familiar with patterns yet, I decided to just go ahead and try to make a hat. By now, of course, I know a better way to knit this particular hat, but I did the best I could as a beginner back then.

  • yarn of choice
  • 4 mm straight needles (better: circulars)
  • scrap yarn to tie ears
To make this hat, I used some bundled up old skeins of wool that used to be green. My mother bleached them because they looked awful and unsuited for anything. So we ended up with white yarn with colourful synthetic threads in it that gave it an interesting look. In the end, it was just right for my first random project.

I didn't trust myself to use circular needles yet, so I couldn't knit in the round. It seemed simple enough, and I strted knitting two rectangular pieces that I then sewed together. I made a mistake at the beginning, adding a purled row where it should have been knitted, resulting in a visible line that, luckily, turned out quite useful for folding up the edge. Basically, all you do is knit till you think one side is big enough (I didn't measure), knit the other in the same size, sew up the sides and tie off the ears. Et voilĂ ! My teddy hat!

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