Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Dreaming of a Rogue

Image source: threegoodrats (Ravelry)

I first came across Rogue by chance when I google for knitting blogs ages ago. Well, not ages, really - just once I started knitting, which was in late October 2007. Someone was knitting a blue Rogue and I liked how simple it seemed, with the cables making it look very interesting. Now I have come acros it again on Ravelry and I love it so much that I'd start it right away if I had the pattern. Since it isn't for free and what with me being a poor PhD student, it looks like it will be a while yet till I can treat myself to it. Ah well.

It is hard to even decide on a colour for my Rogue! My favourite is a rich dark red like the one in the picture above, so I will most likely go with that. If I like it enough I may even make another in blue someday, who knows? I think this would be a good first big project, actually. It looks simple enough. I am not sure about the hood yet because I don't normally like to wear hoods, but it's got this lovely cable detail! Ithink I will have to make it unless I use that cable pattern for a collar instead. I have thought about simply going ahead and knitting the jumper entirely without the pattern since I will have to make a lot of adjustments in size. I might just as well try it on my own. With the help of pictures, I could knit it on my own, I'm sure. I just wonder how much yarn I'd need for one!

Things I'd have to change or adjust:
  • Length - I want a longer version
  • Width - inevitably I'll need a less fitted version and a wider one than the pattern provides
  • Hood - possibly I'll make a collar instead; I've never knit a hood before so I can't say if I could do it without a pattern, though I have an idea
  • Pocket - don't want one
  • Arms - I'll knit them in the round
I've noticed lately that I am really getting to enjoy cables. I can think of so many jumpers I'd like to make using cable patterns in one way or another.

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