Monday, 31 March 2008

Queen of Cups

Before I tried my hand at Nathania Apple's Queen of Cups, all my socks had been put together with different patterns and I never used just a single one to make a pair properly. So I was quite nervous when I began these, especially since they looked to be more complicated than any of my previous attempts. What is more, I never tried my hand at top-down socks before! I was very happy with the toe-up versions, thank you very much. Their advantage is that I don't have to worry about running out of yarn halfway through.

  • 100g Lana Grosso Meilenweit Bosco (only about half is needed)
  • 3mm DPNs
  • patience

The pattern itself isn't actually very difficult; I would say it is medium. Once you get into it, the pattern repeats are easy, which caused me to be a bit bored with the knitting after a while and was the reason why I didn't finish as fast as I might have. I was a bit tired of knitting the goblet pattern over and over. The result, though, is marvelous and I really love these socks! They are quite loose, so take care not to make them too large or choose a larger needle size like I did even if you have thick legs. These socks will fit even then. Perhaps you will even have to choose a smaller set of DPNs for the leg.

Heels are my bane. Honestly, I am rarely satisfied with them. My first socks had a horrible Dutch heel that I swear I will never make again if i can help it. Queen of Cups has a similar heel so I wasn't at all keen on them and prayed they would fit properly for a change. It was an easy knit, to my surprise, and it fits perfectly! No slipping, no pinching, it's just right. I love these socks!

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